Dee Dee Lantzy Art

Photo by: Caitlin Guidry

Photo by: Caitlin Guidry

When you want something the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it
— Paulo Coelho

Dee Dee

Dee Dee grew up in the mountains of Vail, Colorado surrounded by majestic landscapes and a mother who was in constant creation of various mediums, paint, clay and all things design. She graduated from LSU with a BA in Landscape Architecture.  She was an integral part of the design team for The Mondrian Hotel, The Flamingo on Miami Beach and large scale residential projects on Long Island, NY and many other commercial and residential projects throughout the country.  She and her husband have been designing and building furniture since they first met.  She has a deep love for yoga and meditation which she practices and teaches regularly.  

The Work

The art is resin and mixed media on wood or canvas.  She has through trial and success cultivated techniques that give desired effects, feel and movement.  Some are intentional and some are divine.  Her process takes anywhere from one day to two weeks to achieve the moment when it is clear to stop. 

Dee Dee' s art is inspired by experiences both seen and felt.   She delights in capturing the essence of a moment, the beauty of a sunset, the layers of a rock formation, the vastness of our universe, the delicate nature of a feather and so much more.  She is grateful to have the medium to share her love and light with you. 



When Dee Dee is not creating art with resin she can be found in a few different places; playing with her two daughters, Penelope and Poppy and her husband Brian, cooking up a delicious meal for her loved ones, or practicing hot power yoga with her friends.